Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interview with an artist from the UNICEF sponsored art project at the Seawall in Georgetown

In 2008 UNICEF sponsored an art project at the Seawall in Georgetown to celebrate Carifesta (Caribbean Festival of the Arts), considered the most important celebration of the Caribbean communities. Margaret Clemons was lucky enough to meet with and interview a young artist, Kimberly Morgan, who participated in the project.

"I heard from a friend about an art project at the Seawall in preparation for Carifesta and decided to participate. It was a UNICEF project for children artists whose theme was ‘One people, one nation, one destiny,’ which is our national motto. I had to do a draft of my artwork beforehand and it had to be in keeping with the general theme and it had to be good and it also had to work on the wall. They were pretty strict about the subject matter and the quality of the artwork. It was fun but also interesting. I was working on the wall for hours standing next to other artists who were complete strangers also engrossed in their own artwork. The artwork on the wall including mine is still there and people still comment about it. I have a sense of pride for having made that contribution to Guyana through my artwork. It's a piece of me on that wall for as long as it lasts". -Kimberly Morgan

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