Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lesley University meeting in Cambridge

Following the Peaceable Schools & Communities Institute, a meeting was held at Lesley University to discuss the programming initiatives for Guyana and partnership with MCF. Attending were: MCF Participants Margaret Clemons (Margaret Clemons Foundation, NYC), Dr. Brian O’Toole (Director-School of Nations and Nations University, Guyana), Lauren Stevenson (Stanford University). From Lesley University, Dr. Martha McKenna (Provost), Dr. Gene Diaz (Associate Provost), Dr. Mitchell Kossak (Expressive Therapies Division Director), Dr. Vivien Marcow-Speiser (Dean, Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences, International & Collaborative Programs), Dr. David Morimoto (Director Natural Science & Mathematics Division), Dr. Michael Schindlinger (Natural Science & Mathematics Division), Dr. William Stokes (Dean, School of Education), Dr. Linda Brion-Meisels (Peaceable Schools & Communities Institute), Jane Carroll (Advancement) and Charles Eaton (Advancement).